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Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads is a PREMIUM advertising network launched in 2020. Their mission is to transform the experience of the advertisers, helping them create the most innovative and successful digital marketing campaigns.

Designed by experienced media buyers, Traffic Nomads allows worldwide advertisers to connect to their audience, raising engagement, increasing ROI and ad revenue.

The self-service platform allows an easy launch and optimization of the campaigns and advanced targeting options on 6 formats: Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Pops, Calendar, Natives and Banners.

Why Traffic Nomads?

  • User friendly Serf-Service Platform
  • Key Account Manager for all Advertisers
  • Exclusive Premium traffic
  • Advanced reporting area and targeting features
  • Real time bidding and stats
  • Instant payment methods

Self-service platform, offering advertisers high-converting, tested traffic. Dedicated campaign manager to help clients reach their goals faster. Multiple ad formats & worldwide traffic.