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How to start with Profit Pixels from A to Z. Part I. Basics

How to start with Profit Pixels from A to Z. Part I. Basics

We hope that the previous blog posts have helped you to understand affiliate marketing. Today we'd like to give you a quick guide on how to get started with the Profit Pixels affiliate network, from signing up to generating your first affiliate link.

  1. Signing up and getting approved.

First of all, you need to sign up using the sign-up form you can see below. It is extremely important to fill out the form with relevant information if you want to join and start your affiliate journey with Profit Pixels. The form has three steps, the information from which will speed up the account approval process.

The first step requires your name, relevant email address, password, appropriate messenger contact details for immediate communication with a manager, and information regarding how you first heard of the Profit Pixels affiliate network.

TIP: Pay attention to the messenger field and provide the correct contact details so that a manager can contact you and start the onboarding and approval process. 

The second step asks for your traffic details and experience. Select the vertical you have previously promoted, describe your traffic sources, and select priority GEOs. 

Finally, the third step. Tell us if you are an individual affiliate, a network representative, an agency, or a website owner. Then you need to accept the terms of service and fill in the promo code field if you have one.

TIP: Use promo code PP-A-Z to get a 5% bonus on your first payment.

Once you have completed these three steps, you will need to validate your registration using the link we will send you via email. Soon your personal manager will contact you to get additional information about your traffic (statistics may be requested) and provide any information you need, recommend the most suitable offers for your traffic and help you set up everything on our site. The manager will approve your account so that you can review the offers and request access to them.

  1. Getting access to offers and generate your affiliate links.

Once your account is approved, browse to the "Offers" section of your dashboard. Select the vertical you're interested in, browse the list of offers, click on the offer name you'd like to promote, and click the "Show" button at the bottom of the offer page. The “Request access” button will appear - just press it.

TIP: Use the filters at the top of the page to find listings for specific GEOs or select models of listings you are interested in. Also, do not hesitate to message your personal manager to expedite the process of granting access to listings.

Once you have access to the listing, you can create your affiliate links to promote it. Go to the bottom of the offer page and find the "General Offer Links" and "Landing Links" sections. 

The general link is a kind of SmartLink for this particular offer. For example, the offer may point to separate landing pages for specific GEOs. The general link will detect the user's GEOs and lead to an appropriate landing page.

However, you can generate your affiliate links for specific landing pages of this offer. Press the "Show" button in the "Landing Links" section to see the full list of available landing pages. Some offers may contain funnels (combinations of a pre-lander and a landing page). Choose the most suitable one and press the "Generate" button. Now it's done! You have your own affiliate links to use in your campaigns.

  1. Statistics and performance tracking.

It is essential to track performance and optimize campaigns to get maximum profits.

The main page of the dashboard contains general statistics of all promoted advertisers, CR, DR, amount of commission, etc. To get detailed stats just press the "Detailed report" button below the graph. You will be redirected to the "Link statistics" page. Here you can check the stats of your particular affiliate links or all links within the offers for a range of dates you like. 

In the "Reports" section you will also find the subcategories Clicks, Conversions, Daily, OneLink, Geo, Statistics On Devices, and SubAffiliates. Feel free to check all of them to gather all the information you need.

In this post, we have described the basic steps you need to go through to create an account with the Profit Pixels affiliate network, generate your affiliate links, and set up payout information. If you are interested in advanced features such as Postback, Domain Parking, API Integration, and One Link, check out our other posts. 

Stay tuned!